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The Best At What We Do!

At Tanya’s mobile grooming services we offer a high quality pet grooming services with a personal touch. Therefore we will treat your pet as our own pet and will provide a great grooming experience to the pet and the customer as well. Mobile grooming houston is a top notch mobile grooming services. Hence we offer a professional and high quality mobile grooming houston as well as very affordable prices without compromising the quality of the groom. At Tanya’s mobile grooming services we use only all natural products which gently cleanse your pet without the dry skin or allergic reactions. When using our mobile grooming services you don’t need to worry about harsh shampoos stinging your pet’s eyes.

Why Choose Tanya’s Mobile Grooming?

As a good and responsible pet owner you understand how important is a regular pet grooming schedule. Therefore you know how it reflects on their mental and physical health. Hence with our mobile grooming houston you will have peace of mind and a happy pet! Also we strongly believe in pet wellness therefore we customize the grooming process to the needs of  your pet. Hence make the pet happier, healthier and filing more comfortable.

Looking For Affordable Prices?

At Tanya’s Mobile Grooming Houston We try our best to work around your budget. Therefore we offer very competitive prices without compromising the quality of the grooming. Because not everybody can afford the crazy prices of pet spas. So we try our best to offer the same experience without breaking the bank ( as much as possible of course).

Have a Very Big Dog? No Problem We Can Help!

At Tanya’s mobile grooming houston we know that most of the big dogs don’t like to be groomed. But we can handle the obstacle. as we have mentioned before we will treat your pet as our own. Hence we will make your large sweetheart feel comfortable and loved on the grooming table as he would be at home.

Heavy Shedding? No Problem We Can handle That too!

We also offer deshedding services. We will extensively come and brush your dog with our state of the art deshedding tools to remove the undercoat. By doing so we will reduce the amount fur floating in your home. Therefore you and your pet will not suffer during the spring and fall times when the shedding is the worst. At our mobile grooming services in houston we use a deshedding shampoo during bath time. Also at tanya’s mobile grooming houston we have a high power blow dryer that helps loosen the and blow off the undercoat.

Difficult Or Severely Matted Pet? We Got This!

If your pet is difficult or severely matted and is getting kicked out of salons do not fear ” Because Help Is Here “. At tanya’s mobile grooming services we are not afraid of a little challenge. Hence we will take on ourselves the job nobody else wants therefore we will do our very best to demat the pet as much as possible. Although in some very severe cases we must do shave down in order to minimize the suffering of the pet. We will be gentle yet firm and confidante when grooming your loved one. Most of all we will do our best to reduce that fear of grooming that the pet may have.

Why Do We Offer Mobile Grooming And Not A Shop?

Well folks the answer is simple. Because your pet doesn’t like to be in a cage! Therefore we chose the mobile grooming houston route. Also because we love animals and hate to see them in a cages. Also because throughout our experience in the grooming industry we have learned that pets groomed at a familiar place get less grooming traumas. Hence they will not freak out as much as getting them to the grooming prison.

Time Frames For The Grooming Process.

Our mobile grooming houston is not a factory. We do value our time as money, but we value you and your pet a lot more. Therefore the grooming process can take between 2-3 hours, why? Because we care about the state of mind of the pet then the money. Therefore we at tanya’s mobile grooming houston take the time to care for your pet.

Mobile Grooming Houston Offered By Tanya Is The Number One Grooming Place For Your Pet!

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