Nails Trimming

The Benefits Of Dog Nails Trimming.

Long and overgrown nails can become a nuisance for the dog and even become infected. Which can results in various health problems and expensive medical bills. Therefore a professional and timely dog nails trimming can be of a great benefit and comfort for you and your pet. Also a broken, split or ingrown nails can cause a great discomfort or even pains for the dog when running or just walking.

Another important fact is the longer you wait with dog nails trimming the longer the nail vain becomes. So as a result it can become very difficult to do the dog nails trimming without cutting into the quick. Therefore you as a responsible pet owner should be trimming the nails every 4-6 weeks. Although if you are not sure that you can handle the dog nails trimming or afraid to rheart your dog you should call our mobile grooming houston and we will do it for you.

What Is The Quick & How Do I Recognize It?

The quick is the professional word for the little vain running inside your dog’s nail. If your dog has clear nail then you can recognize it as a pink/reddish spot inside the nail. For the darker nail it becomes a bit tricky because it is a lot less visible. For that type of dog nails trimming we would recommend using a certified professional to the job. While with clear nails you can gently file and trim the nails. With the black nails you may cause pain to the dog. We all know how unpleasant it can be when our manicurist cuts into the skin. For the dog besides pain there is bleeding also.

Dog Nails Trimming Services In Houston - By Tanya's Mobile Grooming Houston

Why Choose Our Grooming Services?

At tanya’s mobile grooming services we use state of the art tools to perform your dog nails trimming. We are using the safest type of clippers out there and also we use battery operated dremels at low speeds. Hence it is most unlikely that we will hit the vain while performing dog nails trimming. Moreover we promise to be very gentle and professional when performing dog nails trimming services on your dog. Because we love pets and would never do anything to hurt them. Also that is why our customers feel confident to let us work on their puppies.

So after hearing all about the importance of dog nails trimming and about the benefits of dog nails trimming. Give us a call today to get more information about our grooming services and about our affordable prices. We also offer you with the convenience of performing the dog nails trimming or our ful grooming services at your location and your convenience.

So Give Us A Call Today To Schedule Your Dog’s Nail Trimming Or To Get Our Full Grooming Services At Your Location.